We produce the perfect parts in the conditions of our accurate design and hard work in manufacturing. Our perfect products are for all of your perfect life in the world.
As you phoned or emailed us in any time, we will response it at the first time. Our sale department should record the asking and make the bridge for the information transfer.
As your drawings reached, our engineers will give your good suggestions or make the process to realize your ask. They know the casting way and machining way and they can make the 2D or 3D drawings very quickly.
As you made an order to us, our factory will make the manufacturing plan for it and make sure the delivery on time. Our designer or engineer will give the precaution for each process. It can drop down the risk for the customer.
As delivering your parts, we make the quality assurance with reports. We have the testing equipment as:Profile Projector、Hardness Tester、Coordinate Measurement Machine、Spectroanalysis Machine、Salt-spray Testing Machine and so on. We can reach your different ask in all kind of parts.
    Continual improvement,survival due to good quality,development owning to advanced technolngy.  

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